It’s been quiet on the china recycling front for a while…. because I’ve been super busy and super excited about a new project!

My beloved and I have started our very own mobile cafe, in a renovated 1964 vintage caravan! It’s called Franklin, and we are launching at the Somers Winter Market next Saturday, (the 24th!) ! You can check out our website here, or follow us on facebook and instagram ! Maybe you can even make it to the market and see us in person! 


Hi there!

I haven’t had time to make anything for a while! …Had one or two (or three) things keeping me really busy!

(!) in other news - my studio is getting a reno! the chook count stands at 17, and I got hipstagram (sarah made me..)


they’re here!



amalfi / mount martha

I saw a shooting star, but I had nothing to wish for, since all my dreams were already coming true…

two things I wish I could have stalls at this year but am unfortunately otherwise engaged…!

Christmas at the Studio - 23 & 24 November (25 years!)

Emu Plains Market - 15th December (run by the lovely Vanessa from the Somers Winter Market!) 

you should definitely go!

my darling new friends, Colin and Rupert. 



my girls.

Spelling Bee





neisseria gonorrhoeae




#kill me  

swim into the sky

Hamish is sick of studying too…

SO many ideas !

… no sleep tonight then.

whyy does this happen E V E R Y time I have exams ?!